jewels by liisa vitali

liisa vitali gold necklace liisa vitali gold necklace silver liisa vitali necklace liisa vitali ladybird ringliisa vitali silver ring

gold liisa vitali ringLots of new pieces by Finnish designer Liisa Vitali have arrived in the shop. They are all from her iconic “Leppäkertu” series of 1966, this design was known as “ladybird”. The pieces are so playful and inspired – I just love them!

As a little bonus, below are a few images from the original promotional catalog for Vitali’s Ladybird series.

liisa vitali jewelry catalog liisa vitali jewelry catalog

Shop Liisa Vitali pieces on Hopea.

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  1. graham said:

    Met your sister at our outdoor sunday market where I was selling here in victoria. Vicariously exciting to meet someone who( was related to someone who) had a reference site that I’d actually heard of and been to before. In a small way not unlike the first time I actually drove across the golden gate bridge, as oppossed to just seeing the photos. Someone actually sells on the internet! Someday, maybe, i will too…though I suspect that selling out of canada is a huge disadvantage.

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