Anton Michelsen Gold Ring

Kultateollisuus Ky Flowers Bracelet

Vintage Scandinavian Necklace

With Hopea’s new branding completed, I’ve been concentrating on photographing all of my back logged pieces and getting them online for people to see and enjoy. It’s one of the challenges of having a business which deals in vintage stock; where’s the balance between what you show and what you keep behind the counter for the moment?

Another big challenge for me has been attempting to photograph the pieces being worn. My past “selfies” have been pretty disasterous at times, but I feel that I’ve finally come up with an angle that doesn’t make me cringe (see above!). For anyone else facing the same daunting task, my advice is just to keep trying various ideas and set ups. Try to avoid kicking over the tripod in frustration – something is bound to work!

Above images:

1/ Sculptural tree bark ring by Anton Michelsen – so in love with this piece.

2/ coming soon – kultateollisuus ky bracelet. finland, c. 1970 (follow Hopea on instagram for sneak peeks such as this!)

3/ A lovely necklace by an unknown Scandinavian designer

Meanwhile, the first frost has come to Calgary…

Green Tomatoes

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