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I’ve been busy clearing out lots of the stock on Hopea’s main page and moving it over to the “Etsy sale rack“.  Be sure to check back for even more sale items coming soon!

1 / Pentti Sarpaneva silver earrings (Finland, 1968) – $165

2 / Robert Larin necklace (Montreal, c. 1970) – $125

3 / Hannu Ikonen earrings (Finland, c. 1970) – $60

I love these curiously irreverent objects from ceramic designer Laura Strabber. The German-based designer calls the project “Haekeltrauma” or “Crochet Trauma” both in reference to the cultivated imperfections of the final product and a nod to the time consuming nature of the craft.

The pieces are wonderfully tactile and each one unique. There’s a great sense of play in Strabber’s bowls; being met with hard porcelain when you’re expecting to feel a soft knit!

/ Studio Laura Strabber.

This week, I discovered the lovely work of designer / printmaker Sanna Annukka. Her bold, graphic style of design is so wonderfully Finnish. Sanna designs for Marimekko while also creating her own objects for sale on her website, such as the limited edition tea-light holders above. The colors she uses for her prints are so rich and joyful – perfectly complimented by the simple pine frames she has imagined them in.

Read more about Sanna Annukka.

vintage scandinavian necklace by kultateollisuus ky

vintage scandinavian necklace by salovaara

vintage scandinavian ring by liisa vitali

The diversity of Nordic jewelry design can be a blessing and a curse when you’re trying to curate a cohesive collection. The pieces above, all from Finland, illustrate a general direction I plan on pursuing with Hopea; graphic, geometric designs with an emphasis on clean lines.

1 / Kultateollisuus Ky necklace – coming soon
2 /  Kultaseppa Salovaara “Aukko” necklace
3 / Lisa Vitali ring – silver with a loose Carnelian ball.

Danish designer Anita Johansen is launching the first piece of her furniture collection ReFurnish/ReUpholster at next week’s opening of The Danish Design School’s Graduation Show 2012 in Copenhagen.

A central part of the project for Anita surrounds the history and preservation of the Scandinavian uphostery sector which has come into jeopardy in the face of outsourcing. She wanted to explore innovative production techniques and material uses in which local industry could remain competitive.

The result is a removable upholstery which can be easily installed (and washed!) from home. The piece is made with two traditional Nordic elements – oak and felt. The results are clean and frankly stunning. I can’t wait to see more.

More info at Anita Johansen.


A couple of new rings from Finland have landed in my collection this week. I’ve read about the amazing beauty of Finnish agate, but I haven’t had the chance to see it close up and personal. Their soft but saturated color is just gorgeous. I love imagining artists like Elis Kauppi incorporating local stones into contemporary pieces for the first time. The stones represent a true honesty of materials in design.

Sneak peek below: Gold and agate ring by Elis Kauppi for Kupittaan Kulta (Finland, 1961)

New on Hopea: Kupittaan Kulta moss agate ring.


Something I’m picking up on lately is how a harmonious tonal palette makes objects and rooms appear particularly lovely. Even with a mixture of textures and colors, everything seems to vibrate on the same level. I love the understated Scandinavian feel that results.

1/ Color Futures – Via. 

2/ Enzo Mari’s D1 Vessel, Italy 1964. Via’s upcoming Mass Modern auction (which I’ve been ogling all week).

3/ Smok chair by Hans Sapperlot – Via.

Friday already! Here’s a few new pieces on Hopea this week:

1. Hans Hansen ring. Denmark, c. 1960
2. Björn Weckström bracelet. Finland, design from 1970s.
3. Pentti Sarpaneva silver ring. Finland, 1975.