site updates + settling in

If you’ve been checking in on Hopea the last couple weeks, you can see that adding new pieces to the site has been priority number one. I’m still a long way from finished with the update. With over one hundred pieces of rare Scandinavian and Canadian jewelry to photograph, document and list, I will likely be at it all summer. Which is great!

Pentti Sarpaneva’s “Icicles” Necklace is a favourite new addition of mine. I just love the exuberant and tactile quality of the design. The piece seems to just melt (appropriately enough!). Below is a photograph from Donald J. Willcox’s out of print book “New Design in Jewelry” of a model wearing the necklace. The chain pictured is shorter, however it gives a great sense of the bold scale.

Below: Sarpaneva’s wife, muse and model wearing the matching earrings.

On the other end of the modernist jewelry spectrum – a sneak peek at a rare Plus Norway design by Tone Vigeland coming soon. With its clean lines and geometric pattern, the piece has a very contemporary feel.

It takes a little time to feel at home in a new city – I’m not quite there yet, but I’m getting closer. Getting down to work in my cozy new office is definitely helping!


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