Guy Vidal Bangles

Last week, I updated Hopea with a handful of pieces that I have been dying to share for months. This grouping of rare bangles by Canadian designer Guy Vidal fit the title “wearable sculpture” perhaps better than anything I’ve collected thus far. Though each is very different, all share in remarkable surface details and a sense of the monumental. The fact that they’re all free-standing just confirms their sculpture status.

A slimmer bangle slides into place within an outer shell. These two pieces come apart and can be worn separately.

“Boulons” Bracelet available on Hopea. I really love the little industrial-style detailing the top of this piece. The crosses on the tops of the square pieces remind me of Norwegian flags. Is this a nod to Uni David-Andersen whose style this is very reminiscent of? It’s great when Vidal reveals some of his Scandinavian influences.

“Fleur” bracelet available on Hopea. The unusual angles of this pieces are stunning. I just love the contrast of the polished surface that outlines the design and texturing on the broad sides.

“Cage” bracelet available on Hopea. To me, this is a pinnacle piece in Vidal’s broad oeuvre. It looks equally striking sitting on a surface as it does upon the wrist.

More rare Vidal coming soon!

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  1. Linda Hendrickson said:

    I am interested in Tapio Wirkkala’s full moon pieces. Please contact me if you have the earrings or the large pendant.
    Thanks so much,

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