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1/ Via Lily.Fi – a fantastic Swedish design blog

2/ Fe Wall Unit – Via. 

3/ Belle Jewellery box and ring holder, designed Claesson Koivisto Rune – Via Mjölk’s web shop

4/ Woodcuts by Bryan Nash Gill

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Have a great weekend.

If you’ve been checking in on Hopea the last couple weeks, you can see that adding new pieces to the site has been priority number one. I’m still a long way from finished with the update. With over one hundred pieces of rare Scandinavian and Canadian jewelry to photograph, document and list, I will likely be at it all summer. Which is great!

Pentti Sarpaneva’s “Icicles” Necklace is a favourite new addition of mine. I just love the exuberant and tactile quality of the design. The piece seems to just melt (appropriately enough!). Below is a photograph from Donald J. Willcox’s out of print book “New Design in Jewelry” of a model wearing the necklace. The chain pictured is shorter, however it gives a great sense of the bold scale.

Below: Sarpaneva’s wife, muse and model wearing the matching earrings.

On the other end of the modernist jewelry spectrum – a sneak peek at a rare Plus Norway design by Tone Vigeland coming soon. With its clean lines and geometric pattern, the piece has a very contemporary feel.

It takes a little time to feel at home in a new city – I’m not quite there yet, but I’m getting closer. Getting down to work in my cozy new office is definitely helping!

Last week, I updated Hopea with a handful of pieces that I have been dying to share for months. This grouping of rare bangles by Canadian designer Guy Vidal fit the title “wearable sculpture” perhaps better than anything I’ve collected thus far. Though each is very different, all share in remarkable surface details and a sense of the monumental. The fact that they’re all free-standing just confirms their sculpture status.

A slimmer bangle slides into place within an outer shell. These two pieces come apart and can be worn separately.

“Boulons” Bracelet available on Hopea. I really love the little industrial-style detailing the top of this piece. The crosses on the tops of the square pieces remind me of Norwegian flags. Is this a nod to Uni David-Andersen whose style this is very reminiscent of? It’s great when Vidal reveals some of his Scandinavian influences.

“Fleur” bracelet available on Hopea. The unusual angles of this pieces are stunning. I just love the contrast of the polished surface that outlines the design and texturing on the broad sides.

“Cage” bracelet available on Hopea. To me, this is a pinnacle piece in Vidal’s broad oeuvre. It looks equally striking sitting on a surface as it does upon the wrist.

More rare Vidal coming soon!

New this week is the above necklace by Atelje Stigbert of Sweden, c. 1970. The piece literally shines when worn – all the little dishes reflect the light beautifully. I love how modular it is as well as its subtle asymmetry. More details on Hopea.


I was certainly having some fun Instagramming the above Elis Kauppi ring – gold and smokey quartz are very photogenic! Not to say that the ring isn’t also stunning in real life. In my mind, it is the ultimate cocktail ring. It was quickly snatched up by a lucky buyer, but I can still fawn over it here.

Working on a big site update at the moment. Stock’s currently running a little dry from the Inform Interiors show, but keep checking back in the next few weeks as I’ll be posting some exciting new pieces, including the following Guy Vidal bangle.

It’s hard to believe that Hopea’s trunk show at Inform Interiors happened just over 3 weeks ago. It was a lovely experience thanks to the friendly staff at Inform and an open and curious bunch of Vancouver customers. Here are a few photos of Hopea’s display taken during the three days I spent in Inform’s beautiful Gastown showroom.

Setting up before the show, Chris helps me fit the rings on the fantastic plaster stands that he designed. They looked great in the cases – like little plinths.

The view, a superb library and its geothermal space heating made my stay at Inform very comfortable!

Left to Right: Bent Gabrielsen for Georg Jensen pendant – 2400, M.J Hyvarinen pendant with smokey quartz – 240, Jorma Laine for Kultateollisuus Ky – 260, Elis Kauppi ring – 225, Björn Weckström ring – 390.

A set by Hannu Ikonen (Finland, c. 1970). Ring – 185, Earrings – 125, Necklace – 240

Left to Right: Tone Vigeland ring – 290, Plus Norway bangle – 330, Björn Weckström “Andromeda” cufflinks – 325.

Settled now in my new office, Hopea will be running at full steam once again – lots of beautiful new pieces (including those seen here) to be added to the site in coming weeks!