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As some of you may know, Hopea is wrapping up shop here in Toronto and heading out West to Calgary. The last few weeks have been full of the stresses (some emotional, some physical) that come with the territory of a big move like this. Trying to eat at all my favourite restaurants, saying goodbye to friends, leaving my day job and DJ night – it’s been a little hectic. That being said, I’m utterly excited for something completely new as well as the drive across the country next week!

Studio Before.

Studio post-bubblewrap.

One naked B&B Italia Chair getting ready to be packed.

New this week on Hopea is this stunning bracelet designed by Knut V. Andersen for Anton Michelsen of Denmark from the early 1970s. The texture and weight of the piece are just amazing.

Here are a few exciting pieces that arrived this week. The first is a gold bracelet by Finnish designer, Björn Weckström. The piece is was titled by the artist “Psychadelic Orchid” and with its vibrant surface texture and intricate lines, I can understand what was meant by the name. This is the first substantial gold piece that I’ve purchased for Hopea and it feels like one of those keystone pieces in the collection.


My other exciting acquisition this week came in the form of a collection of bangles by Canadian artist Guy Vidal. Vidal’s bracelets typically consist of linked pieces. The bangles he designed are notoriously difficult to come across, but are perhaps his finest work, in my opinion. I was downright giddy when they arrived in their original boxes no less. They truly are wearable, freestanding sculpture. I also plan on posting more in depth about these pieces soon.


On Good Friday, my friend Laura and I decided to mill around Kensington for the afternoon. It was a blustery Spring day and the market was packed. The fish mongers were frying up lobster tails, clams and mackerel and the energy was just fantastic!

My favourite meals are the ones where you pick and choose from the market and then mosey to a park bench to eat.

Above is one of my favourite cheeses, La Sauvagine and the last smoked sausage I’ll ever buy European Meats which closed for business after more than 50 years the next day. Wish I would have known – I could have stocked up!

Find the fish.

Hopea for

I’m pleased to share a guest post I wrote this week for excellent blog Nordic Design. Catherine at Nordic Design does a great job curating the site with lots of inspiring images and thought-provoking features so I was very happy indeed to be invited to share some of the history of Nordic jewelry design.

My history buff (read: dork) side went a little nuts when I was allowed free reign with the article. It was a great opportunity to get more in depth about with the history of the aesthetic and the broader movement behind it. I hope that readers will find the story behind these excellent designers as fascinating as I do!

Read the article here.